Drugs for erectile dysfunction

According to statistics one of four men consults a doctor to find out the cause of his erectile dysfunction problem. This affection can be a taboo subject, difficult to approach by the patient; it creates loss of self-esteem and even depression. Occasionally this problem is absolutely normal especially if we are stressed or we had drunk too much. If erectile dysfunction persists for at least 3 months, then it is time to consult a doctor.

Medical specialist is able to diagnose erectile disorders and can prescribe the best medical solutions to each individual. The doctor can perform certain tests to see if erectile dysfunction is caused by certain side effects of treatment against high blood pressure or diabetes. If not, the specialist may prescribe a drug designed to facilitate the erections, especially when the cause is psychological.

Prescribed drugs for erection problems in men work by facilitating the flow of blood into the tissues of the penis; they have proved successful in 80% of cases. Viagra, currently on the market for more than 10 years, was the first drug prescribed to those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Other similar drugs are Cialis and Levitra. These drugs prolong the state of erection, but you should not expect to have erection if there is no sexual stimulation between partners. Also there are some serious contraindications you should be aware of. These contraindications are in connection with nitrite derivatives prescribed to treat certain heart disorders. So, the person who wants to take such a drug should not have a history of recent cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke, irregular heart rate).

Also those who take alpha-blockers , have low blood pressure or high blood pressure, suffer from angina or retinitis pigmentosa( an eye disorder) should not use these medicines. A well-known side effect of Viagra is a prolonged erection (more than 4 hours); in this case contact your doctor immediately because a prolonged erection cause permanent damage to the penis and lead to permanent erectile dysfunction. The most common side effects men usually experience are: headaches, stomachache, muscle pain or nasal congestion. In order to be more easily assimilated do not take them right after a meal and it is best to avoid drinking grapefruit juice because it prevents absorption of the main active substance in these drugs.

Drug treatment for erection problems can be quite expensive and it is better to know if your erectile dysfunction problems are not related to any professional, financial or marital issues. In this case you can try natural alternatives to Viagra because these supplements do not cause side effects.