Sexual libido

A low sexual libido refers to a decrease in desire and interest in sexual activity. Although a decreased sex drive is common to both sexes, is more common among women. For men, this topic is very difficult to deal with. Because men are beings with a high sexual instinct, the lack or decreased libido may bring out feelings of guilt, depression, anger, stress and lack of confidence. Also sexual desire can be affected when men suffer from erectile dysfunction, or ejaculation problems.

The reasons can be physical or psychological. The main physical causes include: diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, anemia, constipation, certain medications, including antidepressants or alcoholism. The most common psychological causes are: depression, anxiety and marital or couple problems. Other reasons for the diminution of libido include: misconceptions (pleasure experienced as sin), sexual inhibitions, partner’s infidelity, fear of an unwanted pregnancy, anxiety performance, fear of failure, pressing demands of the partner, the lack of communication between the two, guilt, disappearance of sexual attraction, issues related to personal hygiene, excessive jealousy etc.

Stress also creates a hormonal imbalance. In times of stress the body is focused on survival, not pleasure. So the body inhibits the production of testosterone and adrenaline production is preferred. The result is a decreased libido.

Libido is also influenced by nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies create a hormonal imbalance. Low-fat diets affect libido the most, because the body needs fat to produce testosterone.

Remedies that can increase libido

Sleep more. A decreased sexual interest is one of the many negative effects of sleep deprivation. When you suffer from insomnia the body is forced to redistribute its energy. Before you go to bed, do some exercise and drink a hot soothing tea.

Relax. If stress plays a major role in your life, try to get rid of it. Relaxing massage, exercise, restful sleep has also positive effects on your sex life. Also, a balanced diet, with enough vitamins and minerals, less sweets and fats, will help to have a healthy sex life. Also, try to talk to your partner about your problems.

Do regular exercise. To improve your sex life, sport is an important factor because it gives you more energy, helps you get a restful sleep, creates relaxation and opens your appetite for sex.

Spend more time outdoors. Natural light of the sun has a significant impact on libido. When you spend more time outdoors, the body secretes a substance that suppresses the production of melatonin. This hormone is “guilty” of the production of hormones that inhibit sexual desire.