Treating erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the impossibility of getting an erection in order to perform a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Among the symptoms that can accompany erectile dysfunction are: the inability to have or maintain an erection, premature ejaculation, or inability to ejaculate. Many studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is commonly caused by certain diseases such as, diabetes, or excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Although psychological factors like stress and depression can easily trigger a sexual dysfunction, chronic sexual dysfunctions are usually caused by a physical factor.

Erectile dysfunction can also be a secondary reaction to systemic diseases or their treatment, and specific disorders of genital system, penile disorders, spinal cord disease, vascular disease or diabetes. Psychological disorders, drug abuse, excessive alcohol or tobacco use can play a major role in the development of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction does not occur only in elderly; young people can easily develop impotence symptoms (loss of sexual desire, inability to maintain erection, ejaculation failure, lack of orgasm) if necessary conditions are met.

In men older than 50 years it is very common the damage of the arteries that allow the blood flow to the penis. This is the worst form of erectile dysfunction because the treatment does not improve the sexual function in all cases. Above age 65, 70% of men can be affected by this disorder.

Successfully treating erectile dysfunction depends heavily on how the patient deals with this disease, and the proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system. Drug treatment should be also associated with a quiet living environment and a healthy diet. Also natural supplements can restore sexual performance and overcome old age. These herbal treatments (like Cali Plus or Viga Plus) can combat erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood circulation in the penile tissue. Other effect of these natural alternatives is an increased production of testosterone, which can improve sexual performance. Not all men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have a low testosterone level, but this male hormone has a great influence on the sexual drive. A low level of testosterone reduce libido and can lead eventually to erectile dysfunction.

Changes in lifestyle like quitting smoking and alcohol, stress reduction, enough sleep and rest improve the general health of the body and have an important effect on the erectile function too. Also practicing outdoor sports and regular exercise improve blood circulation and release negative energies accumulated by stress. A healthy diet detoxifies the body and improves the blood flow.